Top 100 Blog Sites for Expectant Mothers

Pregnant women are often overwhelmed with information relating to pregnancy, childbirth, and raising babies, but blogs are an excellent resource for straightforward, continually updated medical information. Whether you’re looking for safety tips, baby style, or just good old fashioned advice, there’s a blog out there for you. Read these 100 best blogs for moms to be and you’ll feel like you’ve completed your very own LPN to RN program.


These blogs cover everything from diapers to decor.

  1. MomSquawk: MomSquawk offers tips on safety, decorating, health, and lots more.
  2. Type-A Mom: Learn about mom stages, buying guides, and other topics important to moms on this blog.
  3. ParentDish: ParentDish is full of great news, advice, and resources for new parents.
  4. Crib Notes: Find out the latest news on health, labor, and more on this blog.
  5. Babies Online: Check out the Babies Online blog to learn information about pregnancy, babies, and more.
  6. Bellyitch: Check out Bellyitch for colorful news, advice, and more.


Learn more about being pregnant and staying healthy through these blogs from medical professionals.

  1. Pregnancy: You’ll find health warnings, tips, and lots more on this pregnancy blog.
  2. More4Kids: This blog is full of excellent pregnancy resources for expecting mothers.
  3. Pregnancy Glee: Pregnancy Glee shares information for pre-conception, pregnancy, and beyond.
  4. Natural Pregnancy Project: In this blog, you’ll find lots of education, support, and more for natural pregnancy and childbirth.
  5. Pregslist: Pregslist has pregnancy information, reviews, and advice.
  6. Getting Pregnant: Getting Pregnant is full of links, advice, and more for getting pregnant.
  7. How to Make a Family: This blog takes a good look at the baby-making industry.
  8. Crisis Pregnancy Blog: This blog can offer advice and information for deciding to place your child in adoption.
  9. Adventures in Baby Making: Read about this family that made it through the trials of infertility.
  10. National Advocates for Pregnant Women: This blog offers lots of support to pregnant women.
  11. a little pregnant: Read about the adventures of infertility, pregnancy, and parenthood on this blog.
  12. Stirrup Queen: Stirrup Queen offers lots of advice about infertility and more.
  13. babyfruit: This blog is all about miscarriage, pregnancy, post partum depression, and motherhood.
  14. The Pregnancy Zone: On this blog you’ll find advice, news, and lots more for pregnant women.
  15. About Pregnancy & Childbirth: This blog from is full of advice, tips, and more for pregnant women.


You’ll want to read these blogs so you have lots of useful information on caring for your baby.

  1. Baby Blog: Baby Blog is dedicated to providing information about baby’s development.
  2. Babies and Toddlers: Babies and Toddlers has great advice about babies, toddlers, and more.
  3. Baby: This blog is all about taking care of your baby and staying safe.
  4. Baby Talk Headquarters: Learn about baby care, gifts, and more resources on this blog.
  5. The Poop: Check out The Poop for lots of good advice about babies.
  6. Smarter Babies & Kids: Find trends, toys, deals, news and more on this blog about babies and kids.


With the help of these blogs, you’ll be able to find guidance, support, and more for dealing with postpartum depression.

  1. Postpartum Progress: You’ll find support and information for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders on this blog.
  2. The Postpartum Stress Center: Find notes on prenatal and postpartum depression and anxiety from this community.
  3. Postpartum Depression Help: Check out this blog to get help with your postpartum depression and share your experiences.

Labor and Delivery

Check out the blogs of these labor and delivery professionals to find lots of inspiring and sometimes scary birth stories.

  1. Tales from Labor & Delivery: This labor and delivery nurse shares a variety of stories on this blog.
  2. At Your Cervix: Check out this blog to find the tales of a labor and delivery nurse.
  3. Birthday Nurse: This blogger shares labor and delivery birthday stories.
  4. HypnoBirthing Blog: On this blog, you’ll find lots of useful information about the practice of hypnobirthing.
  5. 10 Centimeters and Beyond: Find stories from labor and delivery on this blog.
  6. The LaborPayne Epistles: Read the blog of this lactivist and activist to get lots of interesting advice.
  7. Baby Catcher: This labor and delivery nurse writes about her work and life.
  8. Ask the Labor Nurse: Jeanne Faulkner offers lots of advice for labor and delivery.

Working Moms

Learn how to make it all work by following the advice of these working moms.

  1. BlueSuitMom: The Blue Suit Mom talks about juggling a career, pregnancy, and babies.
  2. Work It: Work It is a blog written specifically for working moms.
  3. The Intrepid Mompreneur: Alexis shares advice for being a mom and an entrepreneur at the same time on this blog.
  4. Mommy Track’d: Check out Mommy Track’d to find a working mother’s guide to making it all work.
  5. Work & Pregnancy: This blog will help you learn more about your workplace rights during pregnancy and your maternity leave.

Celebrity Babies

Stay on top of the world’s most famous babies through these celebrity baby blogs.

  1. FameBaby: FameBaby is all about the world of celebrity pregnancy and parenting.
  2. Celebrity Baby Blog: Find out who’s expecting, and see the latest in hot celebrity baby gear on this blog.
  3. Babyrazzi: Learn about celebrity pregnancy and babies, star tips for weight loss, and more on this blog.

Food & Breastfeeding

These blogs offer lots of guidance on what to eat, and tips for making breastfeeding work for you.

  1. Best for Babes: Best of Babes promotes the health and beauty of breastfeeding.
  2. Breastfeeding 1-2-3: Check out this blog to find breastfeeding information, support, and news.
  3. Mom Appetit!: Mom Appetit discusses healthy eating for babies and moms to be.
  4. The Motherwear Breastfeeing Blog: Motherwear’s blog has lots of great advice for being a breastfeeding mom.
  5. The Soft Landing Blog: You’ll learn about safer feeding and more on this blog.
  6. La Dolce Mama: This blog offers lots of advice on breastfeeding and more.

Baby Gear

In this collection of blogs, you’ll find advice, inspiration, and more for baby gear, style, and decor.

  1. Motherloot: Check out Motherloot, and you’ll awesome product reviews, and be able to learn what’s awesome, and what’s a waste of money.
  2. Posh Baby Blog: Find the most stylish and useful baby gear on this blog.
  3. Baby Style Watch: On this blog, you’ll find lots of great trends for babies and kids.
  4. BabyLuxe Daily: BabyLuxe discusses luxurious clothes, accessories, and more for babies.
  5. Luxury Baby Blog: Pamper your baby with the finds in this stylish blog.
  6. Baby Chic 101: Check out this blog to find baby fashion, gear, toys, and more.
  7. Dear Dr.MOZ: Dr. Moz is all about gear reviews, trends, tips, and more.
  8. Wishpot Baby: Wishpot’s blog will help you find ideas for your baby registry and wish list.
  9. Posh Little: Find awesome stuff, gifts, and more on the Posh Little blog.
  10. ohdeedoh: ohdeedoh is all about baby style at home.
  11. Baby Cheapskate: This blog will help you find and learn how to get good deals on baby stuff.
  12. Thingamababy: This dad writes about the best stuff for babies and toddlers.
  13. Stella Maternity News: On this blog, you’ll find lots of news about maternity and baby clothes, nursery decor, and style.
  14. CoolMom Picks: This blog is full of awesome picks for moms.
  15. Serena and Lily: Read this blog to find pregnancy and baby tips, and learn about the hottest gear for moms.
  16. Tutus and Turtles: This blog highlights a variety of fun and functional things for babies and kids.
  17. Cool Mom Picks: This blogger has a knack for finding the best gifts, gear, services, and websites.


Get inspired by the true stories of these real life moms.

  1. Dooce: Heather Armstrong is easily one of the most popular mom bloggers, and regularly offers great insight and advice to moms.
  2. Pregnant Pause: Michele Henry discusses the up and down details of pregnancy in this blog.
  3. Miracle & Wonder: Check out this blog to learn about the life of a single mom to twins.
  4. Crazy Adventures in Parenting: Lisa shares her life as a mom to six in the military.
  5. Mama Drama: Mama Drama is full of advice, camaraderie, and more for moms and moms to be.
  6. Two Moms Make a Baby: Read this blog to follow the story of two women making a baby.
  7. HisBoysCanSwim: This blog is a fun look at pregnancy, and also offers a forum and message boards.


Don’t leave your dad to be out of the loop-share these dad blogs with him.

  1. The Pregnant Daddy Blog: Learn about pregnancy and parenthood from a dad’s perspective.
  2. Pregnant Pause: Chris writes this blog to help other parents with pregnancy and parenting.
  3. Dad: About the Boy: Share the story of a new dad on this blog.
  4. Daddy Types: This blog is a great resource for new and expecting dads.
  5. The Blogfathers: These dads have lots of insight and advice to share.


Get loads of useful information from the pages of these excellent pregnancy advice blogs.

  1. ZRecommends: ZRecommends is full of advice for gear, babyproofing, cooking, and more.
  2. Fussy Baby Blog: Get advice and information for colic and crying on this blog for parents of fussy babies.
  3. SafeMama: Check out SafeMama to find child safety news, product recalls, and more.
  4. MadMums: MadMums is full of pregnancy, parenting, and health advice.
  5. The Motherload: Amy Clark’s blog is full of advice and insight for moms to be.
  6. Baby Name Facts: Do some research on baby names with the help of this blog.
  7. Womb Within: Womb Within offers answers to all of your pregnancy questions.
  8. From Dates to Diapers/a>: This blog will help you learn how to deal with the shift into parenting life.
  9. My Baby Photos: On this blog, you’ll find a great guide to photographing your baby.
  10. Baby Toolkit: This blog offers a geek’s guide to pregnancy and parenting.
  11. Momformation: This blog covers everything you’ll need to know about motherhood and parenting.
  12. Parent Hacks: This blogger applies the hacker ethic to parenting, with tricks and practical recommendations.
  13. My Reflux Baby: This blog has lots of great advice for parents of reflux babies.


Get the latest developments on pregnancy, child safety, and health news through these news blogs.

  1. Pregnancy & Baby: In this blog, you’ll get news about infertility pregnancy, birth, and more.
  2. Pregnancy/Obstetrics News: Medical News Today offers all of the latest news for expectant moms.
  3. Med Page Today OB/GYN: You’ll find lots of helpful and important news about obstetrics and gynecology on this blog.
  4. Baby News: This blog delivers plenty of helpful news for new parents.
  5. Pregnant Pause: This pregnancy author and mother’s blog shares lots of pregnancy news, tips, and wisdom.
  6. Pregnancy News: Find out the latest in the healthcare industry on this pregnancy blog.

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